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In this video, we’re going to demonstrate another select tool in our toolbox. It’s called the “Scissors Select Tool” and it’s a little bit different than the other select tools we have discussed because it gives you a little more flexibility to the area that you are selecting. But aside from that, there are still some few similarities too. We can feather the edges, antialiasing, and the different modes where you can add or substract on the selected areas. But this one does so by connecting the dots.

The Scissors Select Tool is a fascinating feature of our free Photoshop alternative software. It has some features in common with the Lasso, the Path tool, as well as some features on its own. It is suitable when you are trying to select an area that is defined by strong color changes at the edges. To use this tool, you click to form a set of anchors or control points at the edges of the area you are trying to select. The tool creates a constant curve passing through these points, following any high-contrast edges it can find.

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Gimpshop is a 100% free alternative to photoshop that can be downloaded at The Scissors Select Tool on our software is used as a select tool that is quicker and more convenient than using the paths tool because the lines will curve to form a selection.

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The Scissors Select Tool | FREE Photoshop Download: