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Whether you are an amateur or professional Gimp photo editor creating graphic designs for web pages, posters, brochures, or ads, placing the elements of your design precisely where you want them is essential. If you are utilizing the free Photoshop software to make your unique design, you may think that you can make use of the rulers on the side for positioning. Nonetheless, while the rulers are acceptable for measuring seamlessly horizontal or vertical lines, they are not much of a big help with elements that are at other angles to one another. Luckily, there is a way to do this in the Gimp image editor software. The Measure Tool is used by many skilled photo editors to expand knowledge regarding pixel distances in your current working photo. You can conclude the angle and number of pixels between the point of click and where the mouse pointer is positioned by clicking and holding the mouse button. The information is shown right on the status bar. It can also be shown in the “use info window”. When you move the mouse pointer over the end point, it changes to a move pointer. And when you click it, you can continue the measure.

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The Measure Tool | FREE Photoshop Download: