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On this episode, we’re going to be covering some additional items in our toolbox namely the Fuzzy Select tool and the Color Select tool. The Color Select tool on our free photo editing software like Photoshop is intended to select regions of an image based on color resemblance and works a lot like the Fuzzy Select tool or also known as the “Magic Wand”. The only difference though is that the Fuzzy Select tool selects connecting or continuous areas of an image, with all parts linked to the initial point by paths having no huge gaps whereas the Color Select tool selects every pixel that are completely alike in color to the pixel you chose, irrespective of where they are situated. It is very essential to choose the correct starting point when using the Fuzzy Select tool. If you choose an incorrect spot, you might actually acquire something far from what you need. Furthermore, the Fuzzy Select tool is ideal for selecting objects that has rough or sharp edges. Amateur Gimp photo editors usually start off using this tool more often because it is fun to use. However, you will possibly discover that the more you apply it, the more unsatisfied you become with the struggle of selecting accurately what you want. Skilled Gimp photo editors find that the Color Select tool is usually more proficient than the Fuzzy Select Tool. It is very convenient when selecting an area within a contour or touching up flawed selections. It usually serves superbly for selecting a solid-colored background region. Always remember that as the selected region increases outward from the center, it doesn’t just spread to connected pixels, it also has the ability of skipping over small gaps depending on the selected threshold.

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The Color and Fuzzy Select Tool | FREE Photoshop Download: