Setting Up Your Workspace – GIMP 2.8 Beginners’ Guide ep5

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I hope that this will help people that are just getting started with GIMP. I’m going to continue uploading new tutorials. Redoing older videos is just a side project thing.

Starting with this episode I’m going to redo the older beginners’ guide tutorials done in GIMP 2.6 When there is a 2.8 version of the tutorial you’ll see a link on the video. For example If you are watching the beginners’ guide ep5 (older GIMP 2.6 video) you’ll see a link on the video for this GIMP 2.8 version of the tutorial (at the beginning of the video). At the end of the video you’ll see links for previous and next episode. When episode 6 is uploaded you’ll see Episode 6 GIMP 2.6 and Episode 6 GIMP 2.8 So you can choose which version you want to watch depending on what version of GIMP you are using.

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Thank you 🙂