How to make a Sexy Fur text effect in Gimp

Hi everyone, In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make this sexy fur text effect. This is a cool fur text effect. It is pretty simple to do. It’s also fast. So if you are wanting an amazing effect, But don’t want it to take you hours to do. This is the effect for you. I love this effect. You can use any type of animal fur that you want on this effect. Tiger strips, and Leopard spots looks awesome. They aren’t the only type of animal fur you can use though. Use your imagination on this effect and go wild with it. I guarantee that you will love this effect. you aren’t using to many layers or layer effects in this tutorial. We mess around a little with the brush dynamics, and the stroke to path in this tutorial. These are just a couple of new things that I wanted to introduce to you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. As always, go to my site and download the project files, images, and the brush that I made for this tutorial. Enjoy!

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