How to make a Graffiti Text Effect in Gimp

Hi guys, In this video tutorial I will be showing you how to make this awesome looking graffiti text effect.You can use this graffiti text effect for a lot of things. You can make a cool graffiti text effect for your friends and family. Anything really. I also will be showing you how to make the floor and wall for anything really. Also, I will be showing you a way of making easy lighting effects on the image as well. You can use this technique on pretty much anything that you want. You will get a little more experience with the perspective tool on this tutorial. I hope this is a good text effect. I have seen a few on the internet about the graffiti style. But this is my take on it. I hope that you guys enjoy this graffiti text effect tutorial. There will be more to come. As always, check out my site to get the downloads for the pictures and the gimp file.

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